1. What types of snacks does Atom Eats offer?
    • The Fun type, we offer bite sized snacks for any occasion. Delicious, Tiny Treats by Atom Eats
  2. What are Pretzels?
    • Pretzels are a classic 100% baked snack made with refined wheat flour, oil, salt, yeast and some sugar for that yeast to feed on :)
  3. What are Truffles?
    • Truffles or Black Truffles are a rare mushroom that grow wild and need to be foraged. This makes the ingredient extremely sought after in the culinary world and an exotic flavour enjoyed by many across the globe.
  4. Where are Black Truffles found?
    • Black Truffles are traditionally found in France, Italy, and southern parts of Europe. More recently they have also been found in Austrailia and North America. 
  5. What is the Truffle Seasoning?
    • Truffle Seasoning is an all purpose seasoning developed to add that oomph of Truffle in everything you desire. The seasoning contains truffle powder which gives it the classic truffle flavour.
  6. What are Truffle Chips?
    • Truffle Chips are our ode to gourmet snacking. Our favourite wavy/ruffled potato chips and kerala banana chips sprinkled with our classic Black Truffle Seasoning. 
  7. What are Cake Bites?
    • Cake Bites are an innovation by the team at Atom Eats! We really wanted something that was literally a PIECE OF CAKE! 
    • Cake Bites are crunchy cubes of cake made in a similar way as that of a biscotti! 
    • Pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or on icecream!
  8. Are there options for special dietary needs like gluten-free or vegan snacks?
    • Some of our products are Vegan, Nut Free, and Paleo Friendly. 
  9. Can customers request customized snack assortments for events or gifts?
    • We do custom assortments, packaging and custom flavours for your special day! 
  10. How does Atom Eats ensure the freshness of its snacks?
    • Our products are packaged in the optimum packaging option such as a 3 Layer Pouch or PET jars, along with nitrogen flushing and food grade moisture absorbers to ensure freshness throughout the course of a products shelf life. 
  11. Are the snacks made with natural ingredients?
    • Our definition of natural ingredients are ingredients which are raw and unprocessed from nature. Our snacks contain flour, sugar, oils, flavours and functional additives such as baking powder and yeast. 
  12. Can customers request samples of snacks before making a larger purchase?
    • We showcase at various events across Mumbai from time to time, customers can come try out snacks at one of our pop-ups. 
  13. Does Atom Eats offer subscription options for regular snack deliveries?
    • Not at the moment. 
  14. How can customers modify or cancel their orders?
    • Customers can drop an email to support@atomeats.com to modify or cancel their purchases. 
  15. Are there discounts available for bulk orders or wholesale purchases?
    • Discounts codes are available from time to time on our website. For B2B or bulk enquiries you can write to us at support@atomeats.com.
  16. What are the shipping options available for Atom Eats' snacks?
    • Atom Eats' offers same day delivery within Mumbai on orders placed before 4 PM & works with leading logistics providers to fulfil other orders across India. 
  17. How long does it typically take for orders to be delivered?
    • Depending on the delivery radius, orders typically take between 1-4 days to fulfil.
  18. What if there are delays or issues with the delivery of an order?
    • We sincerely apologise in advance for any delays to your order. In case of delays, our team will reach out to you and ensure the proper delivery of your order.
  19. What is Atom Eats' return policy for snacks?
    • Refer to Atom Eats' return policy here.
  20. Who are the founders of Atom Eats?
    • Check out our Comapny's linkedin profile here.
  21. What values or principles does Atom Eats prioritize in its snack offerings?
    • We want every snack to bring a smile on your face.
  22. How can customers contact Atom Eats' customer service team?
    • We're available at support@atomeats.com & +918928878511.
  23. What payment methods are accepted for online orders?
    • We currently accept UPI & Card Payments only. 
  24. Does Atom Eats offer gift cards?
    • Yes Atom Eats does offer gift cards for online purchases.
  25. Does Atom Eats customise gift hampers?
    • Absolutely, we offer bespoke gifting solutions to meet your requirements. Ranging from corporate gifting options, festive gifting & in-room hampers for weddings.