Treat Yourself to Life's Little Pleasures

Life is all about balance. You work hard, shoulder responsibilities, and strive to meet everyone's expectations. But amidst the daily grind, you deserve moments of pure, unadulterated joy. That's where we come in. Our tiny treats are crafted to sprinkle excitement into your routine, offering you guilt-free indulgences that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. With Atom Eats, you can finally treat yourself to the little pleasures you've been craving.

  • Devarsh, 26, Mumbai

    I need a big bag of these Truffle Potato Chips stat. Got these snacks for the India vs Pakistan world cup match and it was over before the toss happened! Sigh...

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  • Aishwarya, 24, Mumbai

    Atom Eats is my go-to snack brand when I need a quick pick-me-up. Their treats are not only delicious but also make me feel like I'm taking a well-deserved break from adulting.

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  • Nikunj & Raveena, 29, Mumbai

    We first came across Atom Eats at our favourite Sunday Morning Ritual @soundriselive. And their snacks have been a staple ever since! From the white chocolate pretzels to the truffle banana chips, we love indulging in all the snacks from Atom Eats!

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  • Vidhi, 28, Mumbai

    Find someone who looks at you, the way I look at these White Chocolate Covered Pretzels! Its just the right snack for everytime I need a pick me up!

    If Sweet & Salty is your jam! 
  • Winnie, 53, Goa

    I always keep my stash of Atom Eats at home, its so convenient for when I am hosting people or going for an evening stroll on the beach!

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  • Roshni, 29, Kolkata

    I love their truffle peanuts! Polished an entire pack in one sitting. Dangerously good munchies!

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  • Festive Gifting

    Whether you are celebrating Diwali, Eid or Christmas, our team will customize the cutest hampers to make your loved ones feel special!

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries & Baby Showers!

    Tell your special someone you love them, give the nicest treats for ones birthday, or for the parents to be!

  • Weddings and Corporates

    Whether you are looking to wow your guests with the in room hampers, wedding favours or just treat your corporate clients to a much needed break!

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Meet the founders!

We are Jay and Raveena - we fell in love over food. We're committed to spreading joy one tiny treat at a time. We believe in the power of small indulgences and their ability to transform your day. With every bite, we aim to deliver not just exceptional taste but also a moment of pure bliss. Join us in our mission to make every day a little more extraordinary.